Food Mix Home Business for Women

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hi friends, today I am having a very useful information to do home business for women from home. You can prepare the food mixes to start earning from home. I met a lady (Chitra) who is from Tamilnadu India who have just completed her 10th standard. But now she is a business women earning 6 thousands per month.  I just asked her how she achieved this? She explained me...

The hard work is very important to all success. When Chitra entered into her married life, she faced many economic problems so she decided to go for work. At the same time she afraid that she can't spend time with her family if she go to job. So she decided to do a home business . For that she chosen "Food Mix". Starting from lemon rice mix, Idly mix, Dosa mix, Tamarind mix, Sambar mix, Rasam mix, Bajji Mix, Bonda mix, Upma mix, Gulab Jamun mix and so on... She has started listed long ...

You may get surprised many big companies doing this in a big level but how she achieved this one??? She is telling that they are all mixing the chemicals which is bad to health for its long life. But she is not mixing any chemicals and she is preparing as like for her own children. that statement itself tell you that the quality of the food mix.

You need to have just cooking items to start this business. Your customer are your neighbor and relatives. You have to show your food mix quality to win in this business. give delivery and earn more money all the very best :-)


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