Save Tree - Avoid Chop Sticks to Toilet Papers

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

In our world day by day temperature is increasing because we are decreasing Trees. Yes that's true... We started to cut trees to build house and furniture. slowly it has increased for different purpose which is leading to destroy our world one day. So I am requesting all to save our world by saving trees  through avoiding Chop sticks and toilet papers.

In china, people have the trend to use use and throw chop sticks which is needed for their food. After they take their food they will simply throw the chop stick which is made by only trees. So we have to stop this kind of culture and to switch an alternate thing or atleast have to use the reusable chop sticks.

Next is toilet papers... Many countries started this culture to save water. But now it has ended with different bad reaction. We losing many trees as well as we may lose our world... Most of us have to think to save our environment than our luxuries life.


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