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>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

TIME :   Time is more important for every living thing. Only the human being can realize how the time is important for each and every life. CARL SAGAN the astronomer of America suggested a calendar called “cosmic calendar”. It helped the people to know the history of universe. The astronomer include the detail about galaxies are formed over nine months and the earth appears in September.

               A year is filled with 12 months, a month is filled with 4 weeks, a week is filled with 7 days and a day is filled with 24 hours that is 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. In a day there are 364,478 people born and 151,650 people die. This is the time span of each and every living thing in this earth.

 The earth’s life in a year is shown below:

   1. On 1st January (midnight) Big Bang- universe forms
   2. On 15th March first tar and galaxy forms
   3. On 1st May Milky way galaxy forms
   4. On 8th September sun forms
   5. On 9th September solar system forms
   6. On 12th September earth forms
   7. On 13th September moon forms
   8. On 20th September earth’s atmosphere forms
   9. On 1st October earliest known life on earth

Then all the living things are born in this earth.


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