>> Sunday, April 18, 2010


            In plants there are 2 categories they are plants that are similar to each other and totally different from others. The second category belongs to the record breaking plant. Some of the plants in record are categories into tallest tree, biggest living thing oldest trees and smallest flowering plant.

Tallest tree:    Stratosphere Giant is the tallest tree in the world. It is in the Rockefeller forest, California. The height of this tree is 369 feet.

Biggest living thing:    The general Sherman giant sequoia is the largest thing. It is located in sequoia national park, California. It is 275 feet tall and measures 2.53 m round trunk, the weight of this whole tree is 2,000 tones.

Oldest trees:   The oldest tree is Bristlecone pines which is located in California and Nevada. Its 5,000 years old tree. As the recent research Creosote bushes is the oldest tree than Bristlecone pines which is located in Mojave Desert USA. Its 12,000 years old tree.

Smallest flowering plant:  A smallest plant called Wolffia, it’s a kind of duckweed. It is just 0.6 mm long and weights about 2grams of salt. Its seeds are also too tiny and it weights around 70 micrograms.


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