Kasab Or Back side of Kasab

>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

My question. 

Why after September 11 ( 9/11 ) , no news of a single bomb blast in US? And why day in and day out bombs are getting exploded in our country? Obama grilled his officers for just a failed car bombing attempt early this year at New York Times Square. This was considered as a big issue and President Obama appeared on television and assured that justice will be done to their country - all for a failed bomb attempt. But our politicians do no want to be drawn to the fact of losses either human or economic; rather do not want to be bothered. Because their botheration lies only on votes. They fear loosing votes if they open their mouth about bomb blasts. 

This is unique to our country similar to that of Diabetes. Indians are most affected by Diabetes. Nobody except the person with diabetic has the power to keep the sugar level under control. Similarly only our politicians are affected by VOTEPHOBIA and nobody except them can come out of that. 

Atleast in the former the person alone is affected. In the latter these die hards (politicians) are putting the entire country and all citizens under peril. 

Now you have two options to choose.

1.      Either live with this FATE for being born in this country


2.      Vehemently oppose the death sentence for Kasab so that you will get a seat for standing in the elections. And don't worry you will surely win the elections and your peers will loose their deposits. Don’t you know about this very nature of our fellow countrymen who decides to vote? 

Choose Your Fate and Best Wishes

Note: If you choose option no.2, please ensure that neither Kasab's mother, or wife or fiancee stand in the elections because they will surely win the elections within the territory of India. Just take a JUG of water and go wherever they go. You will get atleast Concillor seat.


H.Agus Susanto June 15, 2010 at 2:45 AM  

terimakasih isi webnya bagus. Banyak manfaat

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