Clemency of Kasab

>> Thursday, May 6, 2010


Finally after months of waiting for 'what is going to be’ verdict has finally come. The open firing by Kasab which caught the eyes of CCTV and wide open to everyone's eyes, went through months of trials and finally Kasab is proven guilty. A justice for Mumbaikers and for our country. The next thing is going to be Death Sentence for Kasab, an universally accepted punishment for such criminals.

But wait and watch the TAMASHA now. Human Right activists and a section of our own politicians are going to either oppose this, or are not going to openly appreciate the punishment. Because they have one common disease condition called VOTEPHOBIA

If they are real patriots they should openly appreciate the verdict and seek for his Death Sentence. Unfortunately they are not. No one had ever asked for this till now nor is going to seek for that. 

Kasab's mother will appear in TV screen and seek for amnesty. Our dailies will run to take interviews of his wives (max 5 if he has), if not married his fiancee (will definitely be an Indian). Our magazines will run volumes on his life history starting from which city he is born on what date, who are his parents, step-uncle, step-step-step aunty how he was grown up, what difficulties he faced during his childhood in ‘Pakistan’ which turned him a terrorist in ‘India’!!! etc. Public mood will be 'manufactured' to swing towards release of Kasab.   This might appear to be an exaggeration but tell me do you have any guts to turn down the above thoughts completely. 

And our fine legacy will continue for ever.


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