Mother Teresa hear gods voice

>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mother Teresa hear god’s voice

       Mother Teresa was kind heart person who scarified her life only to help the poor people. One day she heard the voice of god through an old poor man in railway station. Mother Teresa and another nun who traveled with her in train. When Teresa gets into the train she heard an old man’s voice call “I Thirsty!!!! I thirsty ma”. She throws a coin towards the old man, but a small boy took away that coin. Again the old man shouted towards mother Teresa “I Thirsty”. She didn’t the voice of an old man but god’s voice to help the poor. `

    The more time she spent outside the more she became aware of privileges that would grow to her but denied to others. She questioned “Why?” in the mean of “Everyone are the children of god”. Then she just mingled into the 3rd class to visit the other part of the world.

    Then she shared her feel towards the father to help the people who are in slum. At that moment she remembered about the mahatma Gandiji’s say “If you want to help you just work among them”. She got the permission from the father to help the slum people. But she can help the slum people only as alive women.  Thus mother Teresa started her serving to slum people after her 17 years experience of nun.


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