How to get More Mileage in Bike

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

      Everybody will ask this question How to get more mileage in Bike. This is very essential question and every one of us need to know the answer. Increasing the petrol rates will also affect our monthly budget also. So to know how to get more mileage with our bike is very important.

       To get the more mileage please find the following basic steps:

1) Choose the best petrol bunk for your bike.
2) Don't change the petrol bunk frequently. Use mostly same petrol bunk
3) Check your air frequently
4) Right speed with right gear
5) Switch off the bike if the waiting time is more than a minute
6) Don't do rash drive in traffic area. If so we need to use the breaks in traffic areas frequently which will waste petrol
7) Never drive in lower gears
8) Do the service of your bike frequently
9) Make sure you changing engine oil in each 2000Km (for 4 stroke)
10) Make sure you closed the petrol tank cap tightly.

If you follow the above steps you will surely get good mileage in your bikes.

Enjoy your ride with safe and more economic.  Generally it is advisable to choose cycle for very small distance instead of bike.


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