Avoid Lead Paints

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

Most of us color our house with paints because it brings more beauty to our house. It makes our house attractive but it is also harmful to our life because they use lead in the paints. Lead is a heavy metal. It is used in paints because it increases  durability, speed drying and appears fresh. This this even used in military and industries so that they can avoid the formation of rust.

      Most important thing is that it effects the children below 6. Due to this paints human being have lots of disadvantages i.e.., it effects kidney and organ system of the body. It is even dangerous to adults it causes problems in reproductive system for both men and women.

      United States government has banned lead paints in 1977. Even this dangerous paints are used on toys and furniture's. It is a poison so save yours as well as your life. So verify that your paints does not contain any lead before you decorate your house.



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