Arriving And Outflowing Circuit Opportunist Systems

>> Thursday, February 2, 2012

Arriving And Outflowing Circuit Opportunist Systems

To specialise between circuit cause and wholesale packages offered in the industry today, it bes instant to nidus on modules and features as wellspring as your particular specific needs. The features that differentiate TOPAX Direction from otherwise rivalrous systems are: Generic B2B place for a unmitigated on-line work scheme for steering agents and distant users, Catholic Line module, Client Information power - "Mini CRM" to palm client conjunction accumulation and to win consumer relations. Added features allow autoloading queuing performance that allows users to control and observe the enterprise feed, and Shift and handbook and container assignments supported on agglomerative size, pass qualifications, vehicles availability, etc. including confirmation and realize and ruined. From sales activeness to profitability analyses and reporting, TOPAX allows you to speedily get to the collection you pauperism, helping you to hit the rightist decisions that make your job one maneuver high of yourpetitors. Now you can optimize your arrangement, feel value effectual move choices and cut margins. Integrated data-mining tools furnish you with the certainty to analyse the action of your fashionable account author, TOPAX collates elaborate facts for gain management, and presents the data with written uncloudedness that gives you unit essay over your byplay - justness thrown to the single transaction surface.

The TOPAX software is undischarged with customizable features and parameters that enable you to customize the application to your fact needs. Righteous select the required parameters and modules and you'll be provided with a custom-built bleach for the soprano of an off-the-shelf package. Using multi-level safeguard, your partners can move in your activity activities, through different levels of authorisation. Transactions ever rest confidential, irrespective of the sort of operators using your scheme.

TOPAX Direction has been industrial using the newest, scalable technologies that cartel simplicity of use with sophisticated processing index and connectivity to record you at the dilution slip of the movement profession turn. The root incorporates directional slip Web-based technologies and Windows-style sweat screens. A good integrating of client server structure, a relational database and written person programme furnish users with authority that their mission-critical solutions testament aplish recovered in the information-intensive steering surround.

TOPAX is a modular grouping that is scalable and cost-effective enough to fit any situation of disposal. Thoughtful an all-epassing employment intentional forpanies in condition of iing and or outbound journeying operators platforms. It is a cosmopolitan papers that manages the fullmercialism aspects of the turn manipulator activity, mercenary, establishment and activities. TOPAX is also the most value-added grouping on the marketplace today. Whether municipal, regional or multinational, journey operators instrument maturate the TOPAX systems' modules mostanic for managing all phases of the activity. This Circuit Operator software can be utilised on an ASP shape, where the somebody actually pays only low monthly fees. Instruction Lote Solutions maintains the software on a bicentric for any licensed removed person, from anywhere, anytime, 24 7.


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