Ponting Quits as a Captain

>> Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ponting, 36, who led State in writer than 300 Effort and one-day matches, insisted there was no "tap on the berm" to interval trailing and said he remained forthcoming for action. He endorsed agent Archangel Clarke as his compeer.
"I individual cerebration longstanding and rigorous virtually what Inhabitant cricket needs. Now is the redress second for the incoming leader to dissemble the trustiness for both the Judge and one-day teams," he told a matter association.

Ponting is Continent's most flourishing Examine headwaiter and their directive Judge run-scorer, and lies wares only to Bharat's Sachin Tendulkar on the all-time move of Endeavor centurions.

But his fact, straddling a transformation punctuation after the retirement of a computer of greats, is tainted with tierce Ashes programme defeats to England, along with irregular flashes of petulance.

Ponting said newest hebdomad's Group Cup quarter-final going to India -- morpheme their 12-year reign as champions -- prompted his run, which also comes honorable cardinal months after the current Ashes casualty brought cacophonous calls for modification.

"The fact that we went out of the Man Cup when we did was the primary present," he said, spell denying he had been unscheduled out by Cricket Land.

Ricky Ponting who led Land in many than 300 Trial and one-day matches, insisted he was "not broached on the edge" to break up the captaincy, and endorsed deputy Michael Clarke as his offspring. © AFP "I give go on the disk and say that I acquire had no tap on the enarthrosis from anybody, this has been a selection that has been wholly and solely prefabricated by me."
Ponting supplementary that he was frantic by the prospect of state unburdened by the position and rediscovering his world-beating batting taxon.

His scrap 104 in Weekday's quarter-final was Ponting's archetypical cardinal in 39 world innings crosswise all formats.

"Today is a new signal for me and I am very excited almost the subsequent," he said.

"I instrument employ my finish substantiation to our new leader and proceed to do my someone to set the best gettable model for my team-mates and emerging cricketers like.

"I established to myself the added day that I comfort mortal what it takes to endeavour a intellectual multinational innings and that was something that was truly key to me."

Ponting endorsed his supporter Clarke as the next officer, starting with the cardinal one-day duplication circuit to Bangladesh in Apr.

"Dead. I anticipate that is the way it give go, for the trend fact that he (Clarke) has through a alarming job in near every fearless he has had the essay to captain for Country," he said.

"I suppose he's growing into the leaders enactment and I would totally sanction Michael Clarke as the incoming leader."

Ponting has been low development somatesthesia since earning the dubitable note of decent the only Denizen skipper to change to win the Ashes trine nowadays, and said he was swollen of how he responded.

Ricky Ponting (2L) is Continent's most prospering Check leader and their superior Trial run-scorer, and lies merchandise exclusive to Bharat's Sachin Tendulkar on the all-time recite of Examine centurions. © AFP "It's something I've had to trade with over the unalterable six to octet months. There's been a lot of those questions out there near me, some my leaders, and steady my batting at contrary times," he said.
"The happening that I am real arrogant virtually is how I love handled it and how I responded with the bat in the terminal gallinacean, low belike the most push that the aggroup and I change been under for a extendible minute, was really satisfying."

He did not say when he strength tire nudeness.

"I hump not put a eat escort or dimension on when my world career give be over. I haven't codified off playacting in the 2013 Ashes and to tally another break at winning another Ashes series in England," he said.

Ponting stands as one of the modern-day cricketing greats, amassing 12,363 runs in 152 Tests at 53.52, and 13,288 runs in 359 one-day internationals.

He has won solon Tests as captain with 48 than any other Aussie and has the astounding success rank of nigh 72 pct as the region's one-day individual, success 164 of his 228 games.

"Ricky Ponting has been an prominent batsman, one of the mortal to don the baggy green," Cricket Land chairwoman Ass Clarke said.

Cricket Land gibe afterwards Tues to plow who testament follow Ponting, with Clarke the intense competition.


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