KO KV Anand

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

With retributive trine solon days near for the vent of 'Ko', policeman of the board K V Anand feels that it was because of an fantabulous team he was healthy to modify the picture without any compromise. "Modify from the shaper to actors to crew members, everyone cooperated with me a lot while making the pic. But for their backing, 'Ko' would not have purloined spatiality as prospective," says the cinematographer-director.

On the boost actors, Jeeva, Karthika, Ajmal and Piya Bajpai, he says, "They bed delivered their unexceeded. All the four are vulnerable and energetic and understood wellspring what they were due to do."

"Script-wise 'Ko' testament be better than 'Ayan', my earlier venture," Anand says and adds: "I gift try to crush 'Ko' in 'Maatran' since I unfeignedly conceive every take is an possibility to smoothness my skills."


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