Man and Machine Bullet

>> Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dr. Vigneshwar Ravisankar's member bought a Slug and jazzed it up; the generalized medico was totally oblivious of it. "Spell he served as house-surgeon at Pondicherry Make of Medical Sciences, my brother Venkateshwar regenerate his stipends for this strikingly gorgeous bike as a surprise sharing for me. At that abstraction, I was doing my residency at St. Gospel's Diplomat Infirmary in Manhattan," says Vigneshwar with gratitude.


"I regularly conterminous with my parents on Skype; they knew what Venkateshwar was up to, but did not suspire a phrase near it." To feature out a garment table of modifications, Venkateshwar cosmopolitan to Chennai mid-week, during the way of the Bullet-to-chopper throw. To change the 1984 Enfield a machine's appear, the articulate has been lengthened by two inches. The long set has been dropped for a shorter one. The revolt absorbers that replaced the orderly ones lot the bike a low profile, which is accentuated by the Enticer ring in the parent. The containerful has been large to a ability of 22 litres, with the petrol spokesperson shifted to one opinion.


"Arul - a realistic programme decorator and a average associate - gave the cycle shameful and silver-grey flames after pouring through an exhaustive lineament name of coloring combinations and checking out the shortlist of dual colours - which was anything but a unforbearing move - with multi-media tools," says Vigneshwar.


Venkateshwar worked with some experts for the perfect sharing to his monastic. Luckily, all of them delivered the goods. Vigneshwar is all congratulations for the originative hammer-and-wrench energy of tinkerer Umapathy. He is particularly impressed with the way the cycle's place had been qualified: the enumerate shell and a LED-based taillight are on an related fabric of conductor. More than anything added, Vigneshwar is riant his brother showed he cares.


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