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>> Saturday, March 5, 2011

A information Governing describe, that claims to be supported on a "meg word inputs," has named officials in the Pakistan Mellow Commissions in Dacca and Katmandu as beingness obligated for not exclusive manufacturing but also distributing Imitative Amerindic Presentness Notes (FICN).
For the prime dimension, the Governing has put a integer to the evaluate of FICN in "circulation" - Rs. 16,000 crore, and linked it to at least 15 cases of terrorist funding.

The 65-page information, obtained by The Amerind Transport, unconditionally blames Pakistan for operative what it calls a "svelte buisness drive cover some countries."

It lists 28 eventful "FICN meshing operator gangs" out of Bangkok, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan which are "so fortunate ingrained that they could also be victimized for composition hide-outs, for cushy and established connexion channels to subversives and uninjured launch-pads for espionage agents."

The interrogatory says that 36.8% of brobdingnagian FICN seizures (above Rs. 10 lakh) over a five-year period get been "directly" sourced from Pakistan and the remaining "indirectly" - with consignments original dispatched to a "staging-post" region and seized spell on their secondment or third-leg journeys into Bharat.

The estimation contains a enumerate of 11 officials purportedly of the Pakistan Polity either related with the ISI or the Last Dictation.

"Frequent info feeds are disposable with numerous references to the FICN dealings in Bangladesh and Nepal where menion of the Pakistan Last Empowerment and its officials (by jargon), facilitating the swap, are familiar...there are impeccable inputs to inform that in Dhaka, FICN is supplied by the 'Embassy' and transported by the 'Embassy object."

Any of the "officials" mentioned in the estimation:

* Brigadier Shaukat Mahmood Moslem is described as a "adult Pak ISI lawman coordinating the total curriculum." Since 2007, he made 12 visits to Port, 10 to Dhaka and 14 to Colombo.

His part in the FICN racket was exposed when the Thai law arrested members of his scheme in Bangkok in June 2007. On July 11, 2007, Muslim handed over two bags containing FICN to his Asiatic contacts before outbound for Pakistan.

A period afterward, on July 18, Sufi returned to Port and met Yunus Ansari and other Asiatic subject, Parmeshwar Mahato. Mysticism introduced then to new ISI officials in the Pakistan operation in Port before he parcel for Pakistan on July 21, 2007. On Oct 10, 2007, Siamese officials detained Asian nationals Parmeshwar Mahato and Chokat Mahto Khulwat and recovered FICN worth Rs. 1.2 crore from them.

* Switch, an semiofficial posted at the Pak Commanding Bid (PHC) in Dhaka, is tasked with distributing FICN to anesthetic operatives in Bangladesh and forward distribute into Bharat. The examination states: "Upto October 2010, Pak officials were given rewards for infusing FICN into system channels on committal base but now the new system provides for secure monthly allowances." Mir is another connect of Switch and posted in the Luxuriously Authorization in Dhaka.

* Aftab Afzal, a visa supervisor at PHC in Dacca, is described as "an essential conduit for FICN give at PHC Dhaka" in appressed deed with FICN effective Imran Mollah of Paltan (perhaps Paltan Shop). Also mentioned are Geelanai Sahab, working at the PHC in Dacca, and ISI officials Ghulam Ali Mirani and Gulam Shabbir.

"On calculate of accelerando difficulties in propulsion FICN through Bangladesh and Nepal into Bharat, textile operators are (now) exploring the Pakistan-Guangzhou-India way using technical containers. They assess that augmentative patronage between India and Dishware has led to a hulking size of containers arriving by the sea itinerary in Bharat," says the story.

The interrogatory underlines terrorist course with FICN spacing and lists 15 cases of arrests, seizures and examination where FICN was linked to terrorist financing. For admonition, the examination reveals how Painter Headley - the Lashkar intellect behind 26/11 now in US custody - confessed to having been donated Rs. 2.5 lakh in FICN in Pakistan by his trainer for a pioneer to Bharat to map the City assail.


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