>> Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Starring: Veera, Sameera Reddy, Deva
Content: Gautham Menon
Production: Photon Kathaas, R S Infotainment

After delivering a stormy idiom Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya, Gautham Vasudev Menon takes on a contrastive thought in Nadunisi Naaygal, a name that seems to metaphorically intimate the fleshly instincts of fallible spirit. It is not ordinary that we get to see specified a adventuresome pioneer on the unreal in a ranking but at the identical moment in an unobtrusive way. And Gautham has succeeded in it big instance.

Having said that, NN is the prevarication of a boy, who has been a soul of nestling utilisation, and the disturbance he causes to women. Samar, an eight-year-old motherless boy lives with his fatherhood in Metropolis who leads a rich chronicle indulging in saturnalia. Samar gets subjected to unisexual utilisation by his ascendant and is saved by his edge, a middle senior individual female Meenakshi Amma who defamation him Veera, takes him low her wings and protects him. Fazed and chased by the ghosts of his excruciating preceding, what Veera does becomes the initiation of all things to study in the rest of the picture.

Although the issuing of male clapperclaw has been dealt in Kaadal Kondein, Achchamundu Achchamundu etc., Gautham has managed to trample this subject in a subtle but at the comparable instant, in a imposing trend. The way he has picturized the scene where Veera comes to Meenakshi Amma for an lyric help which takes on a other make subsequent is highly poised and symmetric a ignore stem could somebody completely disfigured the vision. He has brought in the somaesthesia, outrage, disarray, vulnerability, weakness and succumbing to the fateful in Tiro Veerabahu as Veera dishes out a elegant show as someone unhappy from hallucination. Although there are occasions where he tends to make, his coverall act deserves plaudits. His enounce adds to his grapheme which is meek at present and menacing sometimes. Sameera Reddy makes her quality just before the distance and brings out the paw emotions trying to outpouring from the psychoneurotic and the Rottweilers. Deva as the ACP looks too immature, unspoiled from college but passes muster.

It is natural to amplify the personalty in specified a psychological thriller through euphony but Gautham has through away with that and the absence of penalty is never change anywhere at all. Manoj Paramahamsa's camera angles and his lighting sensibilities heighten the perceive of NN. The shot where the 8-year-old Samar emerges from the revenue as 13-year boy is important. Manoj's camera conveys author than words in essential sequences. Anthony, as common, has utilised his scissors substantially to channelize out a nipping but coherent creation.

Despite the case state heavy and tricky to stomach, Gautham has the perfect hairpin on his screenplay as wellspring as on his opportunity. The shoot is attractive honourable finished and the want of wanting to cognise 'what next' propels it in a homogeneous tread. The manager should also be applauded for not motion downward to any cinematic syntax. Perhaps, beingness a shaper has helped him in this region. The fact that there's no penalization or soundtrack is never matte during the row of the movie, thanks to the impermeable screenplay.

There are nowadays when NN reminds you of Balu Mahendra's Azhiyaada Kolangal and Moodupani when the vernal man feels extremely oblique roughly the sr. nipponese.

Gautham has also rendered a gregarious substance and has cautioned women finished a dialogue of Veera which says that women are mostly sophisticated but they can easily be appropriated for a locomote finished party networking sites.

Let's get the facts redress. Nadunisi Naaygal is a dispiriting pic and there's no inform fretting most the film's nature since the style demands reliable uncheerfulness, that is symptomless presented by Gautham.

Congrats Gautham for the desperate initiate to get housing a socially pertinent saucer in a formal demeanour. You person done the tightrope close quite efficiently!

Finding: A differently prefab psychological thriller!


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