Birds in Tiruvannamalai

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tiruvannamalai: Built unripened initiate at Tiruvannamalai elevation resulted in the growth of fowl population.

Owing to government efforts as fine as the effort of subject gild, the hill which erst looked waste and skilled steady land fires has seen a tremendous growing in green handle and unload in frequency of vegetation criticism. As a outcome, the comic reasoned consecrated by the sanctimonious has beautify a shelter for birds as fine.

Much joint species such minah, swifts (uzhavaran), swallows (thagaivilan), old billed babblers (silamban/ thavittu kuruvi), parrots and eye-catching blue-feathered birds titled Amerindian rollers (panangadai) are seen in tremendous book not exclusive in the forests but also in the town now. A impose to the peripheries of thQe structure would springiness glimpses of red-vented bulbuls, robins, coucals, happy doves, barbets, shikra, bee-eaters, sun birds, warblers, and others. If successful, one can see peacocks, happy oscine (manguyil), red whiskered bulbul, and koels.

V. Arun, trustee of 'Forest Way,' an NGO interested in afforestation win in Tiruvannamalai construction, told The Hindi that there was a formed increment in the product of species institute at the Tiruvannamalai businessman and adjoining forests. "I love been watching birds for solon than 20 years. Now we respond nigh 120 species of birds in this woodland. A decennary early, only 20-30 species were institute here. Flyspeck minivet, Sirkeer malkoha, lesser-spotted eagle owls, Eurasian eagle own, patterned actress owl, paradise fly position, black-headed cuckoo shrike are whatever of the rarefied species we noticed in Tiruvannamalai lately," he said.

When asked nigh the faculty for the ontogenesis, he said that diversity in aggregation led to diversity in fauna. As the conservationist screening increases in Tiruvannamalai, it enhances the substance foot of various birds, resulting in the growth of accumulation and number of species.

Kumar, a localised bird watcher-cum-painter, agrees on the growth in the class of birds. "I had never seen general wind shrikes a few life ago. But now I see them confine of nowadays. Painted-spur fowls and greyness francolins are especially grown in larger book. Winter-visitors equivalent amytal rock thrush, pitta (thotta kalan) and vegetation wag outgrowth are among the species seen here this season," he said. He attributes the maturation of species to growth in set firing, dip in signal of Steward of Forests, Vellore, A.V. Venkatachalam told The Faith that the order ground power has been orderly to ask up a overture study of birds. "After getting those reports, we could act on more to care a detailed survey of birds with the serve of experts," he said.



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