Strong Tea is Slow Poison

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Morning Bed Coffee, Fresh & strong tea really makes many of the peoples to make energetic. I have seen many of them addicted in strong tea. For them I can tell Strong tea is slow poison.

Do we all know it is really bad to health? That is because of some fraud companies mixing up many things with tea powder to get more earnings. They are mixing many other seeds with the tea powder. That makes the tea somewhat thick and more color. In natural tea powder only gives the color in Hot water. But if it is not original tea powder then it will give color with cold water itslef. Even with many ISO certified companies also giving some bad mixes. Mostly the local tea powder makers doing this kind of bad mixing with tea powders.

Many peoples know the small leaves only will be used for to make tea powder. But many companies making the tea powder even with stums of tea plant. To make the color of tea they are using tartarcine, utracine, carmocine, sunset yellow and many of the bad things which affects our health. some of them using the color powder which is used for cloths also.

This will surely makes Ulcer and Cancer. so Be careful about the Strong Tea.


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